NPFC 2016 Intake Opened

Hey dear fellow enterprenuers!

Today, I’m going to bring a good news for you. That is, Niche Profit Full Control’s door are reopened! And you can basically access it right now!

As far as a growing business concern, I think Adam Short has made a great decision in re-opened the door to all others that missed the launch last year. It will be a great help for those that really wanted to squeeze in and start building a sustainable online business.

You see, Niche Profit Full Control has been a very successful platform for newbies or advance marketers. NPFC was initially launched in October of 2015 and grossed over $3.1 million in sales. Adam’s team spent over 8 months and invested 6 figures to ensure that customers would be blown away by the depth and quality of the product.

Since the October launch, NPFC have helped hundreds of people build successful online businesses, and in many cases, have helped them generate life-changing commissions as affiliate marketers or product owners.

The doors to NPFC have been closed (and therefore the affiliate program has been closed) since late 2015, but like I mentioned just now, Adam just turned NPFC into an evergreen product and the doors are now open to new customers.

A top-selling IM product in 2015, NPFC not only welcomed thousands of new customers last year, but also helped hundreds of affiliates generate HUGE commissions.

In fact, Adam’s team paid out 7 figures in commissions for the launch, with many partners earning 5 to 6 figure paydays.

The success of the launch and the quality of the program did not go unnoticed in the Internet marketing world. NPFC was hand-picked by ClickBank as their top recommended training program in 2015.

Adam Short have also been approached and are working with a  MAJOR direct mailing company to bring NPFC to a MUCH wider audience.

A little bit of statistics just to make sure NPFC is a great product.

– They convert… (18% webinar conversions for NPC 5.0), EPC’s range from $4.90 – $43.00…
– Low refund rates (affiliates get to keep more commissions)
– Adam’s team treat subscribers very well (they love you for it)
– They pay on time… every time!
– Extremely high-quality, never-before-seen-product…
– NPFC products have led to over $6.5 mil in affiliate payouts!

So, what are you waiting for?

Get Your Instant Access Now!

Final Intake

Finally, there is only 48 hours to go before Adam Short close the door for Niche Profit Full Control in year 2015. We still don’t know when he will re-open for registration in 2016.

So… have you make your decision yet? Want to make money online? Want to get passive income? Or scale up your online business?

Great… then follow Adam’s latest video release to learn more about Niche Profit Full Control.

Remember to watch the full video. He will show you the way how to register.



Oh… by the way, this method is call Video Sales Letter (VSL). If you are interested in VSL, you can check out the method here.


To your passive income success,

Best Regards, Kenny Phuah

Free Webinar Alert – Continuity Blueprint

Thank you for dropping by… I’m not sure how many times I’ve said that…

Today, I am going to alert you on another FREE webinar hosted by Adam Short himself, He is going to reveal his “Million Dollar Continuity Blueprint“. You can clone his method and launch your own successful membership site in 30 days or less (that’s what Adam claims).

So here is the date and time.

NPFC Free Webinar 2

Adam Short will be covering the below topics in this valuable webinar.

  • The #1 mistake newbie membership site owners make that totally sabotages their chances of ever getting EVEN ONE MEMBER and how to easily avoid it…
  • EXACTLY how Adam launched 5 membership websites that have generated over 83,000 paying members…
  • The NO FAIL FORMULA for launching a successful membership site in 30 days or less…
  • The amazing “all-in-one” solution for building and hosting your membership site and content that gets rid of all the technology headaches and makes everything SO EASY…
  • How to swiftly reverse engineer profitable membership sites, identify what they’re doing that works, and clone their success (but do it even better…)
  • Retention Mastery: Simple and little-known techniques (that take virtually no work) for massively increasing member happiness and keeping your members for YEARS…
  • A crazy simple market research technique (that takes 5 minutes) that INSTANTLY tells you how many members you’ll get into your site BEFORE you even launch it…
  • A behind-the-scenes look at NPFC latest membership site (that Adam’s team launched less than 60 days ago) that already has hundreds of paying members and growing! (and how we’ve set the whole site on total 100% autopilot)…
  • REVEALED: 98 HIGHLY successful membership sites across dozens of different niches and the ONE SIMPLE THING almost all of them do to get people happily joining up in droves…
  • Much, much more…

So don’t miss this webinar again.


“$107/month on Autopilot” Webinar Replay

Guess what?

There is a replay for “$107/month on Autopilot” webinar hosted by Adam Short on Niche Profit Full Control.

Bad news is, this replay will be taken down in 3 days time.

>>> Click here to view the replay <<<

But be ready to spend almost 2 hours of your precious time to go through the whole video.

If you really like Niche Profit Full Control online training course, you can still sign up here.

Good news is, the limited bonus that I mentioned in earlier post, has already been increased to 75 copies, and as of this print only left with 50 copies.

So, you can continue your current lifestyle, or make a leap to a profitable future.


For your great success,

Kenny Phuah

Niche Profit Full Control Live Webinar Content

Thank you for dropping by. By now I guess you’ve already attended the live webinar hosted by Adam Short about Niche Profit Full Control (NPFC). If you are not, then kindly stick with me and I will lay it down here for you.

So again, what is Niche Profit Full control? NPFC is a online training course brought to you by Adam Short on how you can make money online or start an online business. This is a whole new training course leverage from Niche Profit Classroom, and it includes the latest methods that work to help you make money online.

Webinar content

  1. Explain about what is Niche Profit Full Control
  2. Adam Short’s personal results
  3. Adam Short’s students results
  4. Talks about who is Adam Short and his history on how he started doing online business
  5. NPFC blueprint on how to start making money online
    • launching niche affiliate websites quickly that build targeted subscriber lists
    • supercharging your top earning affiliate sites by injecting profit generators
  6. Showing step-by-step how Adam use NPFC blueprint to setup his Automatic Selling Machines (ASM)
  7. Freebies giveaway
  8. Explain Week 1 to Week 8 trainings, and what you will learn from the courses
  9. Last but not least, fee to join the course + Q&A session

If you would like to review the webinar again, just kindly register yourself to the webinar session and watch the replay.

What is NPFC have to offer?

Niche Profit Full Control contains:

  1. 8 weeks training program – $4,000 value
    • This training programs will be released once every 7-10 days for 8 weeks.
    • Each new module release will come along with corresponding software tools
  2. 8 live Q&A coaching calls with Adam Short personally – $1,500 value
    • This would happen after every new module release.
    • This allows you to get in touch with Adam personally and ask any questions if there is any roadblock after going through the training.
  3. NPFC templates, worksheets and checklists – $500 value
    • This will help you to keep track on your results if you keep taking action.
  4. $1 Million Dollar Niche Profit Swipe files – $7,000 value
    • Use this present swipe files and send to your leads
  5. The NPFC Software Suite – $10,000 value
    • This will help you save time and money by utilizing the tools to setup your landing page, sales page, etc.
  6. Private forum with Adam and mentors – $2,000 value
    • This will give you access for Q&A directly to Adam or other highly reputable mentors
  7. Limited Bonus 1: Goal setting and time management – $1,000 value
    • Only offer to first 25 students
  8. Limited Bonus 2: 8 ready-made niche businesses – $5,000 value
    • Only offer to first 25 students

Total Value is $31,000. But you will not need to pay that much. In fact, you can start up even with lower price.

NPFC Price

So, how can you sign up? If you want to get instant access, sign up here.


Good luck in your online business,

Kenny Phuah


Niche Profit Full Control Live Webinar

At exactly 4pm PST / 7pm EST later on today (3rd November 2015), Adam Short will be holding a live online workshop where he will show you how to unlock the full power of the Niche Profit Full Control system.

This is where Adam Short going to reveal the one SINGLE tweak you need to make to your automatic selling machines that will transform them from $2,000 per month sites to $10,000 per month sites, or more.

To lock yourself for the webinar, you can click on the link below.

>>> Register for Live Webinar <<<

This is a one-time webinar, and help to make sure you will not miss this. Make yourself available, and learn whatever you can from the live webinar. Ask questions and your wish will be granted. 🙂


For your online business success,

Kenny Phuah


Niche Profit Full Control Review and Bonus

Thank you for dropping by. My name is Kenny Phuah, I am an internet marketer. To get latest and most recent update, kindly jump to this early bird section and get yourself FREE bonus.

I was given the opportunity to get a sneak peak on what is Niche Profit Full Control all about. The following is my review and my thoughts. I hope you find it helpful.

General Information

Product: Niche Profit Full Control

Vendor: Adam Short

Pre-Launch Date: 28th October – 2nd November 2015 

Launch Date: 3rd November – 16 November 2015

Fees$1500 (payment plan available)


About Niche Profit Full Control Program

Keep it simple, Niche Profit Full Control (NPFC) is a one-stop station for you to learn about internet marketing. This program gives you the ultimate internet marketing solution in order for you to be successful, be it beginners or advance marketers. NPFC provides you with trainings, software, Do-It-For-You niches software, as well as coaching.

There are 2 parts of the program:

#1 – how to make $10k/month by just doing affiliate marketing.

#2 – how to scale up to $100k/month with your products / businesses.


Niche Profit Full Control Pre-launch Freebies

On October 28th at exactly 8am PST / 11am EST, Nich Profit Full Control program will have a pre-launch event. What you will get in this pre-launch?

Well, you will get 3 sequence of videos and also a live webinar session (during launch). Lock yourself with the pre-launch videos and freebies.

Video # 1: “Selecting Your Perfect Target” – this video showed you how to select your niche to start a business online or by just doing affiliate marketing. This video will give you insight on how to select a niche best to your interest.

2 Freebies are given away:

– The “Top 50 Niches Report,” which outlines the 50 most lucrative niches online.

– The “Market Feeder” software, which plugs into ClickBank and provides users with a daily feed of the highest performing niches and products.

Video # 2: “Setting Up Your Sales Machine” this video outline a formula for setting your “automatic selling machine” – a simple 2-pages website that builds a list and convert subscribers into commissions on autopilot.

Freebies: Free report, welcome letter and email templates

Video # 3: “Flipping The Switch” – this video describe how you can lock down multiple streams of traffic to your website, as well as how to autopilot it.

Again, 2 freebies are given away:

–  “Traffic blueprint” and sample resources – which is a 18-pages traffic blueprint that is handy whenever you want to get more traffic to your sites…

– Complimentary access to “Social Leads Builder Software” – this software will help you to autopilot your list building and traffic.

Live Webinar (during launch): Tuesday, Nov 3rd, 4pm PST / 7pm EST. Adam Short will be sharing the below content during the live webinar.

  • A 3-step “rinse/repeat” formula for setting up automated profit streams that each earn $2k to $4k per month (and start generating income in less than 48 hours…)
  • How to take each profit stream and apply the “5 Core Profit Boosters” that will rapidly increase your income by up to 25 fold (PER WEBSITE)…
  • Adam’s unique twist to Facebook traffic that takes less than 15 minutes to setup and instantly generates a FLOOD hyper-targeted subscribers AND fans that never slows down and only increases naturally over time…
  • How to funnel your traffic through the simple, yet brutally effective “Perfect Email Sequence” that runs 24/7 and converts subscribers to buyers at a whopping 10% conversion rate (and works in ANY niche)…
  • A set-and-forget viral list-building technique that harnesses the “social web” and adds an ever-increasing number of fresh, targeted subscribers to your list every single day (hands-free)…
  • My “3 Pillars of Staying-Power” that guarantee ongoing profits in your business for years to come and lead to true financial AND personal freedom…
  • MULTIPLE case studies sharing on the call — sites from my own portfolio that you can literally model!
  • Much, much more…

>>>>> Automatically signed up if you register yourself here <<<<<

All you need is in Niche Profit Full Control

Niche Profit Full Control contains a complete, turnkey solution for building a million dollar per year online business. NPFC provides:

  • market research tool
  • landing page creation tool
  • social media traffic generation tool
  • DFY niche businesses (landing page, 3-months Autoresponder sequence, info products, sales page and more…)
  • Continuous upgrade on software
  • webinar trainings
  • testimonials and real life case studies
  • anything you need, you can get here…

Who is Adam Short?

Adam short is a well known for his Niche Profit Classroom back in 2009, where he helped 32,000 of students all over the world to setup their online businesses as well as teaching them how to make money online from scratch. You can Google for Niche Profit Classroom and let me know how successful he is.


… BUT WAIT !!!


Let’s check out the Niche Profit Full Control bonus packages that you will get if you invest in Niche Profit Full Control program… Total worth up to $391

Free BONUS#1: Clicking Profit System (The secret method on how to generate  $16,770 in sales within 7 days – $297 Value)

Free BONUS#2: Market Feeder (helps users pinpoint lucrative niches at ClickBank – $47 value)

Free BONUS#3: Social Leads Builder (powerful “social referral” software – $47 value)




How to Get Niche Profit Full Control Bonus?

VERY IMPORTANT! You MUST delete your cookies to make sure you receive your bonus package. Click HERE to learn how. It only takes a few seconds to do.

Once you’ve done that, simply click here and subscribe to Niche Profit Full Control after the landing page, then email your order receipt to and I’ll reply within 24 – 48 hours.

NOTE: Bonus will be available to you after 30 Days from the purchase date. If you are on the payment plan you will receive your bonus after both payments are made.

That’s all for my review. Again, book yourself with Niche Profit Full Control latest update here. Thanks.

Regards, Kenny Phuah


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